"Caché" at Gallery 4Culture, Seattle. April, 2017. Collaborative Project with Max Cleary and Jackson Baker Ryan

"A fundamental trope of the horror genre is the haunted house: a vessel that embodies archives of history which periodically surface in the present. In some cases, the haunted house visibly reveals its nefarious past; in others, it hides repellant histories beneath opulence.

In contrast to the haunted house, modern townhomes have a foreboding quality derived from their hereditary amnesia—they have no history and whisper so monotonously that they fail to attract sharpened attention, in spite of their growing pervasiveness in our urban centers.

While all new residential buildings may be devoid of substantive histories, most aren’t as resistant to accumulating memory as the modern townhome. Nevertheless, these buildings do accrue experience. Every city structure is a character within an infinite collective narrative, and we project roles onto these characters according to our needs and desires. If the townhome’s capacity to whisper into this narrative is limited, or if it communicates on a frequency we are not tuned in to, then perhaps it is our responsibility to expand our vocabulary or to listen more attentively.

Caché is a collaborative project between Max Cleary, Jackson Baker Ryan, and Alex Boeschenstein. The resulting exhibition is a collection of experiments in a variety of media that explore new developments in urban space with a mixture of hope, irony, and apprehension."