Forward, LoveCityLove, Seattle, WA, Curated by Shaun Kardinal

Corridor Festival, West Coast Printing Factory, Seattle, WA, Collaboration with Cameron Shafii & Ben Chaykin

PYLON III, Cornish Playhouse, Seattle, WA, Collaboration with Coleman Pester, Monika Khot & Ben Chaykin


CACHÉ, 4Culture Gallery, Seattle, Collaborative Exhibition with Max Cleary and Jackson Baker Ryan

Too Many Cunning Passages, Glass Box Gallery, Seattle, Solo Exhibition

Echo, Echo, The Alice, Seattle, Group Exhibition

Specters & Relics, AXIS Art Gallery, Seattle, Joint Exhibition with Max Cleary and Sofya Belinskaya



Pylon II, 9e2 Festival, King Street Station, Seattle  

Out of Sight, King Street Station, Seattle

Floaters, Glassbox Gallery, Seattle

Steal Away & Guided Tour, HyBrid space, Seattle, Solo Show

Transience, King Street Station, Seattle



Crystal Palace, Inscape Arts and Cultural Center, Seattle

Erasure, VCR Gallery, Seattle

Macroscope, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio

Friend Zone, Facebook Headquarters, Seattle

IVA Honors and Juried Exhibition, Jacob Lawrence Gallery, Seattle              

MELT, Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, Seattle

51 Days, Sand Point Gallery, Seattle



Art in Spain Group Exhibition, La Escuela de Bellas Artes, León, Spain

We Moved Through Weather, Room 09 Gallery, Seattle, Joint Show with Brit Ruggirello

Strange Coupling, FRED Wildlife Refuge, Seattle

IVA Honors/Juried Exhibition, Jacob Lawrence Gallery, Seattle, Juried Exhibition

Winter Juried Show, Jacob Lawrence Gallery, Seattle, Juried Exhibition



Kindred Form // Inevitable Quiet, Joe Bar Café, Seattle, Joint Show with Megumi Shauna Arai

Cranberry Sauce in Public, Jacob Lawrence Gallery, Seattle

First Thursday Art Walk October, OK Gallery, Seattle

First Thursday Art Walk August, OK Gallery, Seattle



Milnor Roberts Merit Scholarship – 2014



Centrum Emerging Artist Residency – 2015



BA - University of Washington