Pylon III, Cornish Playhouse, 2018

Director + Concept: Colemxn Pester // Choreography: Colemxn Pester in Collaboration with Dancers // Tech Design: Ben Chaykin // Visual Media + Set Design: Alex Boeschenstein // Sound Design: Monika Khot // Lighting Design: Amiya Brown // Wardrobe Design: Connor Carrara // Dancers: Erica Badgeley, Alexander Quetell, Cameo Lethem, Alicia Pugh, & Stefan Richmond

Excerpts from multimedia dance performance Pylon III, the final work in a trilogy of dance performances choreographed by Colemxn Pester, presenting an abstract narrative of human resilience and a journey towards embodied utopia. The PYLON series examines complex systems of control using highly physical choreography and architectural set pieces.