Born in Cleveland, OH and based in Seattle, Alex is an interdisciplinary artist rooted in the traditions of drawing and printmaking. Since 2013, his art practice has evolved to include video, digital collage, sculpture, 3D modeling, and installation. In addition to his personal projects, he is regularly engaged in collaborations with other artists as well as musicians and writers. 

His process is characterized by an increasingly interwoven relationship between the tactile and forms of digital media. In both environments, Alex gravitates towards information visualizations and technical visual languages, including exploded-view schematics, maps, floor plans, and 3D models. He utilizes these terminologies to navigate fields of intuitive abstraction as well as to subjoin personal narratives with philosophical and political frameworks. 

Occasionally, he makes retinal work that is intended to simply be beautiful, like dessert after the meal of his primary artistic goals. Behind it all is a love for geo-politics, sci-fi and horror fiction, overweight pugs, and most things visually intricate. 


E-mail: boesch19@gmail.com   

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