Alex’s art addresses themes of individual and collective delusion, historical revisionism, and epistemological instability by investigating the overlap between cosmic horror and parapolitics. His struggles with drug addiction and recovery inform a fascination with the unreliability of perception and its psychopathological corollaries in Western history and politics. Influenced by Eric Wilson and Peter Dale Scott’s writings in the field of radical criminology, he uses the printmaking lab and the computer as a basis for examining covert systems of global economic, political, and ideological control incomprehensible in scale and form. Evoking the mythos of H.P. Lovecraft and Thomas Ligotti, Alex represents these systems indirectly through proxy agents, which in his work take the form of architectonic monsters, forensic photogrammetry, and biomorphic abstraction.

Thinking about theoretical collapse as a precursor to healing, he asserts a critique of dominant historical narratives in the Western imagination from an anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist political framework. This approach is buttressed by a discipline of reading, archiving, and reorganizing historical sources. It is also aided by Alex’s voyeuristic view into urbanism through his day job as a real-estate photographer, which exposed him to technologies, such as aerial photography and photogrammetry, that architects, urban planners, and private interests use to schematize and transform urban spaces. He utilizes these tools to construct alternative, overlapping realities that reflect his recognition of their functions in relation to power, surveillance, and capital consolidation.

Although rooted in the traditions of drawing and printmaking, Alex has expanded his work into video, photogrammetry, sculpture, and installation. Working across a broad range of mediums, his work attempts to integrate traditional, tactile processes of artmaking with forms of digital media. Alex is also regularly involved in large-scale collaborative projects with other artists as well as dancers, choreographers, multimedia technologists, and musicians. His work has been exhibited in various venues throughout the Northwest, including Glass Box Gallery, The Alice Gallery, Gallery 4Culture, King Street Station, and Cornish Playhouse (Seattle, WA).



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